There are many benefits to an automatic caravan mover.

The Visitor Sneak Attack…

The remote controlled Tug V3 caravan mover makes life easier!

After a great vacation, there is always that drive home. It’s too many hours on the road, too stressful and the end of your vacation! Drat! Then you arrive and realize your middle child…you know the one, he never liked going on caravan vacations with you, has decided to visit! It’s 2 AM and you can’t start waking everyone up. Ahhh, he’s parked in your way. Typical. I know what you’re thinking, Great! I have to spend the next 2 hours trying to maneuver the caravan around this stupid truck! Grrrr…. Then you remember, your automatic caravan mover!

No need for such drama! You whip out your remote controlled caravan mover, hook it up and 15 minutes later your caravan is safely in its home, the wife is inside making you some tea and it’s done! Yes tea…because as she says tea makes everything better at 2 AM!

automatic caravan mover

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Other Reasons Automatic Caravan Movers Are Great!

Now you ask, what are the other top reasons people love their Best Caravan Remote Control Caravan Mover?

So at number 1 we had the 2 AM parking job!

2.  You can do this solo!

3.  Which led us to number 3, no hand signals necessary!

4.  Less frustration. This goes without saying, no hand signals, working alone? Of course there is less frustration.


5.  Less stress on the body, i.e. back knees and arms. We’ve had a thumb injury or two because someone didn’t want to put down their remote, but that’s about it!

6.  You now possess the super ability to park in tight, impossible spaces!

7.  Door facing the wrong way at camp? Turn it around, no big deal!

8.  You now have the largest remote controlled vehicle around! Have some fun with that!

I’ll just bet there are more reasons an automatic caravan mover makes life easier! Let us know! It just might make our list next time! We’d love to hear from you. Post your reasons on our Facebook page: