There are many caravan movers on the market but nothing compares to the worlds best electric jockey wheel. Our caravan mover is designed to move 3500kgs. If you are looking for caravan movers, boat mover or trailer mover you can count us. If you have any questions please contact us below.

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caravan movers tug v3 perth wa

What is the price of caravan movers you’re asking?
Well our Tug V3, automatic jockey wheel is ONLY $1899.00. Designed to take the weight off your body by having an electric system do the hard work for you. A reliable, simple and cheap way to maneuver your trailer or caravan around.

Why do you need caravan movers?

Our electric jockey wheel allow you to motion your caravan or trailer in any direction you need. The electric caravan system allows for the vehicle to be shifted without you having to manually perform the task. ¬†Maybe you just like the security of parking your caravan or trailer with the bar away from the road as easy as one two three. Just park it and you don’t need to worry.