Ordering an electric caravan mover is easy as pie.


Getting the electric caravan mover from Best Caravan Mover was a piece of cake. Now does using it take the cake? I was curious as I waited for the installation to be completed. Would I a mere mortal be able to use this unearthly device to park my caravan quickly, efficiently and most of all without fighting with my wife and alienating my kids because of my Generalissimo attitude? According to them, No way!

The Installation

So, as I watched the turn of each screw, listened to the ratchets in the garage and smelled the oil that permeated the surrounding area of the garage where I took my caravan to get it installed. Could I have done it? Maybe, but why bother? My wife would only complain of my inabilities if it didn’t work perfectly out of the gate. It’s almost time. I hear the conversation of the mechanics as they work through their day, messy, greasy and dirty. They finish then await the God of the monkey wrench to approve their work before I am called in and shown just how smart these guys really are underneath the rough exterior and wild hair.

Using the Knowledge I Gained

I quickly learned that they are in fact gentle giants of the mechanical world. John, my overlord made his way through the waiting room to my side with his trusty clipboard and notifies me that my caravan is ready. I jump up in my excitement because I can’t wait to see my electric caravan mover in action! I sign John’s clipboard. He thanks me and points towards the desk where I pay.  I’m all set. Let the practice begin! Quickly I realize it’s not going to happen here. Grabbing my keys and my caravan I hightail it for home. After watching the videos, speaking to the guys in the store, seeing a demonstration and even playing with the controls. I can do this! I am ready!

A Caravan Parking God is Born

With the remote control in my hands, I am a Caravan Parking God! I maneuver the caravan with ease, utilizing the highly geared motors move slowly and precisely. Nothing moves too fast that it is uncontrollable or haphazard that I am fearful to use it. I feel empowered, justified in my decision and glorious that it works and it works so well. Overall, this is the best decision I have made in a long time!

Joining the Club with other Automatic Caravan Mover Owners

No longer is there screaming nor yelling between my wife and kids and I. Now we arrive into our campsite with ease and park with even greater precision than anyone else around, well anyone except other owners of the Best Caravan Mover’s automatic caravan mover. They too are enjoying their campsites after carefully parking their caravans and securing them for the evening.

Also, did I mention that with the electric caravan mover attached, my unit cannot be towed? Basically another reason to leave my automatic caravan mover attached! I love this awesome piece of equipment! Not only is it going on my list of must-haves for caravan owners but I’m singing the praises to everyone I know! The Parking Gods have finally answered my wishes. I maneuver into and out of tight spaces with ease.

Finally, my greatest gift to all of you this holiday season is to demo this incredible device! Come on over! I’ll arrange private showings! Join the club! Contact us today!