Electric Caravan Mover

An electric jockey wheel or known as an electric caravan mover is the easiest way to manoeuvre your caravan, boat trailer, car trailer into tight space that a vehicle simply cannot get into. It is also capable of positioning your van or trailer with the draw bar away from the road, making it substantially more secure.

Due to our TUG V3 having only one wheel it is very easy to steer with little effort. The TUG V3 also known as an electric caravan mover sets up in less than 2 minutes, simply attach it like you would attach a normal jockey wheel, plug the supplied cable into the TUG V3 and your power source, fit the handle, turn on the remote, you are ready to go. Due to the TUG V3’s compact size and low weight, many of our clients, whilst they purchased the TUG V3 to move help move their van at home, take it with them on holidays to manoeuvre their van in caravan parks. They recognise the ease and efficiency which the TUG V3 offers to make their life easier on the road. We manufacture the electric caravan mover in our factory in Gnangara, Perth Western Australia, from local and imported components. Each TUG V3 is carefully, individually built to the highest quality, then load tested before it is ready for sale. Because of our quality construction methods, we can offer a 10-year guarantee. We are the only electric jockey wheel company in the world to offer such a warranty. We can keep the investment required to purchase a TUG V3 lower than most of our competitors, as we sell manufacture direct. We also offer a money back guarantee, if our electric caravan mover cannot do what we say it can, you can simply return it for a full refund. (Conditions apply). We will freight a TUG V3 to anywhere in Australia and offer a door to door service.

The TUG V3 electric jockey wheel has the most powerful motor available on a single wheel mover. It has an impressive 1.2kw motor enabling it to move up to 3.5Ton. It has been extensively field tested and constantly gets pushed to its limit in our R & D facility. Like many other quality brands, we use an inflatable tyre. This is to give the operator the ability to adjust the pressure in the tyre for maximum traction unlike solid wheel movers. We have engineered a unique handle giving the operator total control whilst being able to look down either side of their van or trailer.


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Field tested to move 3500kgs


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