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Don’t waste time attempting to load your caravan into a site that’s a little wonky! You’re here to enjoy camping! Grab your electric control caravan mover so you can park that baby and get on with the fun!   Why should you spend hours trying to make puzzle pieces fit when all you need is this incredible device, the remote control caravan mover, Best Caravan Mover by name!

The Goods

The Tug V3 and optional V3 Tow Ball Mount is the way to go!  No need to remove the jockey wheel anymore! The V3 Tow Ball Mount works great with previously mounted swing away jockey wheels as well. It’s revolutionized the camping world! I now enjoy camping again! No more grumbles, positioning multiple people to sight while I attempt to follow hand signals and hear yelled commands! Be safe, be quick, have fun! Get the Best Caravan Mover on the market and enjoy camping again! Get the goods!

Smile and Wave!

Prepare for the stares of total astonishment as you zip into the problem space that everyone has been watching, waiting for someone to attempt. You do it with ease, break out your camp in record time and start cooking up a great meal with the family! Enjoy camping again like never before! Smile and wave as you season the steaks. They are all jealous of your Tug V3 with optional V2 Tow Ball Mount!

Enjoy Camping and More!

Furthermore, did I mention that many campers are finding alternate uses? They write in all the time saying I used it for moving, teaching my kids to park the caravan, etc! Glad we can be of use!  Take the time to watch our video. Amazement is the only word and often people describe the result as rendered speechless!

Shop Till You Drop!

Shop here! We ship direct and did we mention that this product is Australia-made? Support your national economy! Really, the Best Caravan Mover can be yours before your next camping trip. Our mission is to see everyone enjoy camping again! Park the caravan, make the meals, have some fun and enjoy camping with the family!

And with a 10-year warranty, shop the extras as well! You won’t be disappointed. Make the whole set a gift to yourself and to your family. No regrets here! Again with a 10-year warranty, we stand proudly behind our product!

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