Buy Best Caravan Mover today and End Parking Tetris!

//Buy Best Caravan Mover today and End Parking Tetris!

Buy Best Caravan Mover today and End Parking Tetris!

How I park my caravan, boat and trailer easily!

Getting the best caravan mover near me has never been more important! How to get the boat out from behind the caravan has become an issue on the rise for many Australians.


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Parking Tetris

Does hubby wedge things in so tight you need a can opener just to move your car? Use the caravan mover remote control whilst standing on the lawn next time. Don’t hop into the car through an open window, legs akimbo while he neighbors watch!

Are your toys parked in the driveway like you’re playing a game of Tetris?  Not everyone has a three car wide drive or space for a caravan and a boat. So they cram it all in and hope for the best. The problem doesn’t surface until the boat is behind the caravan and you desperately want to go boating.

An Automated Caravan Mover

How can you possibly accomplish the task? We have the answer. It’s the Tug V3 Caravan Mover from the Best Caravan Mover ( The Tug V3 is an automated caravan/trailer/boat moving system that allows you to maneuver your toys caravans boat trailers etc. into tight spaces that might not otherwise be possible because your tow vehicle is just too big!

Keep the A Bar off the Road

For instance let’s say you want to park your caravan for the night and there’s one space facing the street this is ideal. But for safety, you want to put the A bar away from the street side of your space.  Just utilize the optional remote control to guide your caravan into the space seamlessly without any trouble. Your tow vehicle could never have made it but with the Tug V3 this is all possible!

Solo Moves Utilizing the Best Caravan Mover

How about moving those toys around at home when there’s really no one to help you and no one to direct you or the traffic?  Utilize the Tug V3 caravan mover remote control to pull in or out of a space that’s too tight for a tow vehicle or that is really too remote for a tow vehicle. Enjoy standing by while directing the V3 where to go and how to get there utilizing the remote control.  Standing in one spot, giving direction has never been this much fun since I don’t know when.

Whether moving a big caravan or a small tow trailer for utilities the Tug V3 is the next best thing since sliced bread. The optional wireless caravan mover remote control makes coupled with the Tug V3, makes this a complete system. Not to mention that this feat of moving the caravan without your tow vehicle or the boat or your small trailer, will amaze your neighbors!  No longer will you need a course in Geometry just to park your caravans, trailers and boats in those tight spaces.

Testimonials for Best Caravan Mover

Still don’t believe us? Check out our customer testimonials and see what people are saying.


Check out some videos on You Tube featuring the TUG V3 Caravan Mover in action!

Search caravan movers online and you will find several that are priced out of the market. Let us show you how to park turn on a dime and do it all while standing on the side! People will clap, you will bow. It’s a good thing!

Buy one for yourself today at where we are open 24/7.

Seeing how the Best Caravan Mover worked so well, it got us thinking about going camping! There is nothing like a camping holiday! Follow some of the suggested links below to plan your caravan holiday now!  Plan a Big4 Holiday Park Vacation!  Shop for your new caravan here!  For those traveling in from overseas this is a good reference article and includes things like weather and special places to visit!

We hope to see you on the road with your Best Caravan Mover!

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